Defend your nuts 2

Defend your nuts 2 is a shooting game on It is the second version of the very cute game Defend your nuts. This version has some upgraded features from the first one. The rule and the control of the second version are the same with the first one.

 First, of course, it is a little harder than the first version, so that you can feel more excited when playing Defend your nuts 2. Secondly, its design is different from Defend your nuts, too. It is a bit dark, which make the game more attractive. Then, the monsters are not the animals as they are in the first version, they are the skeleton warriors. Moreover, ninja skeletons, savage orcs, possessed bees, minotaurs… will appear in high levels.

Furthermore, in the end of each level, you will get a special gift in a mystery bag. In the bag, there may be an amount of coins, property, or weapons.

Defend Your Nuts 2


In addition, in high levels, players will be assisted by some cute rabbits but otherwise the enemies are more and faster and they approach from many ways. The enemies are so many that you can feel confused, do not know which enemy you should attack. They approach together in huge waves, which can make you threatened.

For more fun, there is an additional play mode: Survival. In survival mode, you have to try to survive as long as possible to protect your acorns. Playing this mode, you will have a many-arrows shooting archery and assistance of four rabbits: two are wizard – rabbits, the others are warrior – rabbits. Moreover, there is a high wall protecting your acorns from the walking monsters.

Defend your nuts 2 is an upgraded version of Defend your nuts. If Defend your nuts is a good choice for you, Defend your nuts 2 is a great choice when you want a shooting and exciting game. What do you think? What about trying it now?

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