Defend Your Nuts

About the game

If you want a game with cute images, Defend your nuts is one of the best choices. It is a very cute and interesting game, but it is not very easy to play as we thought when we saw it the first time.

In Defend your nuts, you play as a squirrel which have to protect its acorns. To do this, you have to use weapons such as archery, gun… to prevent waves of evil monsters from approaching and stealing the acorns. Use the archery and arrows to shoot the approaching monsters. When the arrows touch the monsters, the monsters will be destroyed. The monsters approach your area and grab your acorns, when they bring your acorns back and out of the screen, they will eat your acorns. If the monsters eat three of your acorns, you will lose.


In Defend your nuts, there are many kinds of weapons for you, but only the archery and arrows are free. While playing, you can collect the money that monsters dropped, and use it to buy new weapons in the shop of the game. There are archery, gun, rifle,… for you to choose.


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The higher level is, the more monsters there are. Moreover, in the high levels, there are different kinds of monsters such as rabbits, bees, and giant monsters. Especially, the game features many upgradeable items and weapons, half a dozen monsters, and a boss battle on stage 20!

Furthermore, there are 12 achievements for you to reach.


  • Mouse: Position the cursor to aim. After that, click and hold the left mouse to power up the weapon power meter, and then release.
  • Keyboard: Press keys 1-4 to select a weapon quickly.


  • There are 3 difficulty modes (easy, normal and hard) that you can choose. If you play Defend your nuts the first time, you should choose the easy mode.
  • On the screen, there are some options:

+ Click  star  on the left corner and you can choose one of the three choices: Main menu, New game or More games.

+ Click  music  to stop the game from playing music.

+ Click  sound  to shut the game sound.

+ Click  high-score  to see the high scores of the players today, this week or of all time ever.

+ Click  achievement  to see which achievement you have reached and which you have not reached yet.

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